Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knitting funk

I've been in a knitting funk lately, and just can't get out of it.
I haven't knit socks in months--maybe because I was so disappointed with the last ones I tried.
The knitting of my Tilted Duster is complete, but I just can't whip up the energy to get those sleeves sewn in.
I have a few small knitting commitments that I just can't make decisions about (small gifty items).
My Baby Surprise Jacket is just sitting there about 1/2 done--some how I just can't count, and I'm having trouble keeping the increases and decreases in the right place. I do have time for that one though, as the little energy sucker is not due until March--but it would be nice to see this looking like something other than a weird rag.
What I have been working on the last few nights--my Moderne Blanket. Ah, so mindless and soothing. But last night I finished a skein--time to pick a new color and pick up some stitches.

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Orinda5 said...

I remember the first half of my pregnancy I could hardly knit a stitch - and for some stupid reason I cast on some lace. Disaster! That WIP is still in time out.
Hope other than lack of energy you are feeling well - take care!