Friday, March 21, 2008

Two arms and a leg

I've got the two arms of my sweater complete. Now to start the body. That's a lot of casting on to do. I will be doing some waist shaping, so it won't be completely mindless knitting, but pretty darn close--at least until I get to the attaching of the sleeves.
The jaywalkers are slowly coming along. I've got to start the heel now. After some consultation with others who have done this pattern with Noro, I should be able to make a pair of matching sock with just the one skein. I don't think I can get away with wearing these sort of mismatched socks to work--and I didn't want to buy another skein.

So tonight, should I tackle the heel, or cast on the body? Decisions, decisions.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tops and Pots

I got my package! I got my package! I received my package today from my swap partner for the Tops and Pots swap!!! Included was not one but FOUR hats and not one but FOUR recipes. She and her family had been sick with a yucky stomach bug, so she wasn’t able to send by the deadline, but she more than made up by sending an awesome package.

Included was a calorimetry made from blue sky alpaca silk, an earflap hat made from lamb’s pride bulky, a rosie the riveter made from cleckheaton country silk and a lacy flowery hat (my fav I think–but they are all excellent!) made from nashua handknits creative focus chunky. Included was lots of yummy dark chocolate–can’t wait to try the Dagoba with lavender, a whole bunch of postcards, the book Folk Hats–some crazy :) patterns in there, and two local newspapers–one from the town and one from the university that she attends.

I thought I would be saving my swap hat until next year--but it is SNOWING here today, so I guess there is still plenty of time to use the hats.

My various projects are coming along. I'm about halfway done with the second sleeve for the fair isle cardigan. I've got a few inches done on my jaywalker socks--would you have guessed by looking at the ball that the sock would be mostly purple? Crazy Noro. The Noro is NOT super fun to knit with. I hope the look of the sock will be worth it.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Packages received

My swap partner received her package--Hurray. I think she liked everything. I had fun carving the stamp used to make her personalized note cards.

I'm done with one of my sleeves for the fair isle. One sleeve took me one week. Not too bad I think, at 6 stitches per inch and pretty long arms.

As far as the jaywalkers--I'm not happy. Take a look.

The colors are not stripey--they're splotchy. Not what I was going for. I think I will rip these out--I feel like I've been doing this a lot lately.

I think instead, I will use the Noro yarn for the jaywalkers. So that is the plan.

I also got my box of goodies from Knit Picks. More sock needles, some more Options for worsted weight, and so more cords.
PS--note the photos taken on the new carpet. It is so nice and clean! Now for the couch, arriving next week.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pick me up

I'm holding back the giggles--I am at work after all. I love all comments--and a comment from the Yarn Harlot is particularly fun.

Any lurkers out there? Say hello. I thought only my Monday Night gang would read this--hey gals, I love your comments too.

Now what would make the day complete? Finding my Knit Picks order waiting for me at home when I get there--that and not having to make dinner tonight--one can hope.

Added later--So, no package waiting for me, and I still had to make dinner. But today is another day (and it is Friday!).

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Latest WIPs

It has been a while since my last post, but we've been dealing with some redecorating chaos here. Painting, carpets, couches--means all my stuff has been moved and moved again. Right now there is a couch in my dining room. It won't be there for long--and in a few days the new couch will be there to take its place--again, not in the dining room ;)

Anyway, I have been knitting. I finished my Dizzy Swap hat, and I think it is pretty cute. I will take a picture of the whole swap package, once the recipient has received it--but posting it now will give away the surprise, if any of the Monthly Adventures gang takes a peek here.

Needle US 9 / 5.5 mm
Yarn Cascade 220 Wool

That used less than half the skein. I may just make one for myself.

I've also started on my sweater. First the hat gauge swatch.

I'm glad I did this first--my first real colorwork. And I'm glad I thought I was making it for keeps--I wouldn't have forced myself to make it otherwise. I just didn't like the way the colors came together. Call me crazy, but all I see is a big streak of mustard and ketchup in the middle. I don't want fast food on my head. So I stopped here and started the sleeve, where I had planned some colorwork at the wrist. Here's what I've got now.I like this MUCH better. So now I am happily knitting along. I've done all the increases and I just have to keep going until it is long enough for my (gorilla length) arms (20.5 inches).

I've also started some Jaywalker socks--for those times when I need more than just endless stockinette stitch. I'm not even done with the ribbing yet. I'll letcha know how it goes.