Sunday, December 23, 2007

Twisted Stitches Hat

You could still finish this in time for Christmas! I made this for a nephew, in the colors of his football team.

Use two colors of Valley Yarns Berkshire
Needles size US 10

LTwist=knit second stitch through back look, knit first stitch, slip both stitches off

With brim color CO 80 stitches
*K4 P4 * repeat.
Turn work *k4 P4 * repeat.
Join and knit in the round.
k4 P4 for about 2 inches.
Knit one row
Break yarn and join main color. Begin pattern below.

Row 1 *P4 K4* repeat
Row 2 *P4 LTwist* repeat
Row 3 *P4 K4* repeat
Row 4 *P4 K1 LTwist K1* repeat
Row 5 * P4 K4* repeat
Row 6 *P4 K2 LTwist* repeat

Work pattern until the hat measures approximately 9 inches (or longer if you prefer). End with Row 6 then continue

Row 1 *P2tog P2tog K2tog K2tog* repeat
Row 2 *P2 LTwist* repeat
Row 3 *P2tog K2tog* repeat
Row 4 *P1 K1* repeat
Row 5 *K2tog* repeat
Row 6 *K2tog* repeat--5 stitches remain

Break yarn and draw through remaining stitches. Sew the join and weave in ends. Flip up brim. To make it larger or smaller, increase or decrease stitches in groups of 8 (or change needle size for finer adjustment). Adjust length as needed.

This last image is in a mirrow, so the pattern is a mirrow image.

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