Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Waiting patiently

I had jury duty today. I brought plenty of work to keep me busy. And I got a lot done while I waited to find out what would happen. As it turns out, the whole lot of us were excused, but we didn't find out until just before 1pm. I did not bring knitting with me. I had plenty of other stuff to do, so I thought that I would not distract myself with knitting. What I realized after I left was that I should have asked if knitting was permitted. Then I could as least pass on some useful information. Sorry guys. I suck.

On the topic of waiting. . . I'm also waiting for some yarn. I ordered some lovely looking sock yarn from Shelly Kang (and on sale, no less). I'm looking forward to seeing it, although I know I won't be using it until after Christmas (unless I finish everything early--are you laughing yet). I'm thinking of finally trying my hand at those Monkey socks. We'll see.

I'm also waiting for my Ravelry Holiday Swap 2007 package to come in. I was pleased to see that the person I sent to received her package. She even posted a picture of what I sent, and I think she likes all the goodies. This was my first knitting related swap. So far it has been a lot of fun.

The knitting parents yahoo group I belong to is also doing a swap that I am participating in. But the deadline for that one is December 32nd--so I have no expectations that anything will arive soon (but if it does I would LOVE it). I have my stuff mostly ready to send out. Just a bit more to do. I love this time of the year. There is almost always something personal in the mail. The rest of the year is just junk and bills--but in December we get cards, and photos and thoughts of/from others, and I think it's great.

Which reminds me--time to get the cards out.

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