Monday, February 19, 2018

Tween knits

Two years ago when my niece was turning 9 I asked my sister what she wanted. I had made her a wild vanilla that she loved but had outgrown. My sister said she would love another. 
I promptly started another but got bogged down in the keeping track part. It has sat on my window sill gathering dust and making me feel guilty for years now. 
Flash to this week when my niece turned 11. When I asked my sister what she would like she said she would love a tunic sweater "like" the one I had made her. That opened my eyes. I didn't have to make the same one (even though I had one right next to me that was already 25% complete). I could make one "like" it. Maybe perhaps one that didn't have a pattern over 20 pages long. 
And thus started the search, which is sometimes the funnest part. I think I have settled on Low Tide by Tin Can Knits. I've owned the pattern for a while. It provides 12 sizes, which give wild vanilla a run for its money and the pattern is only 3 pages long!!
I just frogged wild vanilla. I will recycle the dusty pattern (I still have a digital version). I will spend some time reading Low Tide this afternoon.