Monday, July 31, 2017

Not your typical blankie

I'll be seeing some family and friends in the next few weeks, and some of them have had babies.
Here is a baby blankie that is nearly done.  Not your typical baby blanket, but it is super soft and machine washable.
Full details once it is finished.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Getting back into the knitting swing of things by knitting washcloths. 
Here is a sample but not all. Some are in the laundry. 

Been thinking about making this pattern from the first Mason Dixon book since I acquired the book a decade or so ago. 

I also made the swifty from the second book. Turns out there is an errata. I always forget to check these things. 
 Still needs some buttons. I was going to make it buttonless but the fabric snags in the little holders. I modified the flaps a little but likely would not the next time I make this. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

A new LYS in the neighborhood

Over the past few years several local (and not so local) yarn shops have shut their doors. I have gone from having an LYS within walking distance, and others in areas that we occasionally visit, to having to think hard about where one might go to get some nice yarn.  Granted I don't need any yarn, having plenty on hand, but you never know when the urge to knit might strike.  And when that happens you have to be ready.  

I'd heard about a new outpost of another yarn shop in the area.  Coveted Yarns is in Gloucester.  I've been there, but only on a yarn crawl.  They have opened a sister store in Groveland--not quite next door, but close enough that I might consider going out of my way to get there.  Merrimack Yarns opened last week and I went today to check it out.  

I was a little turned off by the location.  The street was under construction and the yarn shop is squeezed into a shopping plaza where the main commerce seems to be a gas station and an old timey looking package store (that's a liquor store for those not in New England).  This was not a good sign.

But when I went in I found a bright space filled with excited knitters, squeeing over yarns and patterns.  At first the yarns themselves didn't jump out at me, and I didn't expect to buy anything.  Then I saw a few samples.  That is the kiss of death for me.  If I see a sample that looks interesting I am much more likely to buy something.  

Here are my purchases.  Both destined to become cowls.  One will be In The Mean Time Two.  The other (much crazier yarn for me) will be an Interrupted Cowl.  I expect I will return to Merrimack Yarns.