Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back on 2009

Just a quick recap in this last hour of 2009. I thought after May I would have so much more time to do all sorts of things, like knit and write about my knitting, but somehow that just didn't happen. But even so, here is what I managed to complete in the last year.

4 sweaters
2 pairs of fingerless mitts
1 pair of socks (??!!??)
3 washcloths
1 neck warmer
1 afghan square
2 lace shawl/stoles
4 baby hats

Of these 18 items, 12 were given away--that is 2/3 of my knitted items. That said, the larger projects (3 sweaters, 1 shawlette, socks) were for me.

Let unfinished this year is the Tilted Duster, which for the past 4 months has needed nothing but the arms sewn on. I really could use this sweater in my state of expanding belly. Also, the Baby Surprise Jacket, which I had been thinking about for so long, but just could not get into. I really should finish it though. Also unfinished is the Colonnade wrap which I thought would be done in a snap considering I finished the Ishbel in 2 weeks, yet this one lingers. And also, the project I knew would be a long term one--and which I do work on sporadically, especially on cold winter nights, because now it covers my legs--the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket.

Hoping 2010 brings us all the time to do the things we really love.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Puff Mama

A few weeks ago I knit and sent off a scarflet to the one respondent to my Pay It Forward challenge.
I made the Puff Daddy using about 1/2 skein of Big Softie, and got to use my pompom maker for the first time. A fun quick knit--I highly recommend it, especially if you are looking for some last minute gift knits.

I'm getting fond of the Big Softie. I'm not usually into (super) bulky yarns, but they work really well for certain things--and this wool blend feels really nice, and makes the best pompoms!