Wednesday, September 14, 2016

knitting guilt

I have a project I started working on back in the spring for my niece. It was going to be a late birthday present, but as it stands we are way closer to her next birthday then her last.
I knit her a wild vanilla years ago. She outgrew that one and requested another. How could I resist someone I love asking for a hand knit. Problem is, though the finished product is adorable, I really don't like knitting this thing. Too much keeping track of multiple things at once, with many (many) sizes provided making it really hard to keep track of things.

Every time I think of knitting this thing I get exhausted--just thinking! But I really, really want to finish this for her, especially now that the weather is cooling off a bit.

As result, I haven't knit in months!

I am itching to start a new pattern. One of my sisters went to Iceland last spring. After much searching I requested a pattern and yarn for her to find--shipping from Iceland being a bit steep, even where the yarn is relatively inexpensive. I offered to knit her a sweater if she would get enough yarn for a sweater for each of us. She also brought back the pattern book.

The sweater is Mora, and the yarn is a lovely charcoal and turquoise in lettlopi. The yarn and pattern book are sitting in a box, on the floor, waiting for me.

Must finish Wild Vanilla--must start (first) Mora. Maybe now that school has started and the weather is a bit cooler I will get motivated.