Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas loot

Amongst other fun things, Santa brought me these two books!

Now I don't need to constantly hog my library's copy of Mason Dixon Knitting, and I'm really looking forward to the Clara Parkes book.

Now if only I had gotten what I really wanted--more time to knit!
I can't complain, we had a very nice time with the Holidays this year (except for a few episodes of vomiting, but what can you expect with kids in the picture).
The recipient of the twisted stitches hat seemed pleased--which is always fun.
I'm missing my regular knitting buddies. The holidays have interfered with our usual Monday night gathering. I can't make it to the rescheduled Wednesday nights, so I'm having a little bit of withdrawal. It will be nice when things are back to normal.
And the days are getting (ever so slightly) longer!! Hooray.

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