Monday, October 27, 2008

Scarecrow Wig

Thinking about being a scarecrow for Halloween? Well, there is still enough time to whip up a warm and cozy scarecrow wig.

I used 1 1/4 skeins of Encore worsted, in yellow. For crazy scarecrow hair, you can mix colors.
Size 7 needle
Size G crochet hook

Cast on 84 stitches
Join and knit in round, in 1x1 ribbing for a few rows.
Switch to stockinette stitch (knit each round) until it measures 4 inches from the edge.
Begin decreases
row 1: (Knit 10, K2tog) repeat to end
row 2: Knit
row 3: (Knit 9, K2tog) repeat to end
row 4: Knit
continue in this way, alternating a decrease row, with a plain knit row, until you have 7 stitches left on the needle. Pull yarn through remaining stitches.

Now comes the fun part. Turn hat inside out, so that the purl side is showing.
Cut a bunch of yarn, approximately 6 inches long--to do this, I loosely wrapped the yarn around my hand (as many wraps as I could manage) then carefully cut the yarn (don't snip your hand!).

Starting with the first row above the ribbing, I used the crochet hook to hook each piece of yarn to a purl bump. I attached one to every other purl bump. Then I moved up 3 rows, shifted over one purl bump, and repeated the procedure. By shifting over, this keeps the "hairs" staggered, so they don't all line up. Continue this way until your wig is full.

You can make the hair on your wig longer by making the strands as long as you like.

Although this scarecrow wig was made for a preschooler (who never wore it--he thought he looked too girlie), it also fits me,
as well as my parents. For an adult, you might consider working the hat until it is somewhat longer (maybe 6 inches) before beginning the decreases.
This could also be used for Raggedy Andy hair (do kids still know who Raggedy Andy is?)


haddy said...

Nice work!!

JuniperP said...

Fabulous! I will be able to "Ben Franklin" my son for his presentation!

Moz said...

Love it! Everyone looks good in it too! ;)

Moz said...

Love it! And everyone looks good in it too. :)