Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Mom, the knitter

I was showing my Mother how to do a Log Cabin blanket this weekend. And I took the opportunity to take some pictures (and video also) of how she knits.

I haven't looked a the video yet, but she is so fast it is nearly impossible to see what she is doing once she gets going. But here are some snap shots of her hands.

Notice the completely different way of holding things. Keep in mind all she is doing is knit, knit knit each row. This is not purling, at all. See how the yarn comes from the front, not the back. With a flick of her thumb she is flicks her way through the row. (I have no clue how she purls--maybe I'll get that on film next time)

The tension of the yarn is from holding it around her neck as well as the fingers of her right hand. She's got the yarn wrapped around her right hand fingers, then it goes around her neck, before getting to the actually knitting. When she is sitting comfortably (not standing by the window trying to catch some light), and prepared to knit for a while, the yarn actually goes through a safety pin that she pins to her shirt.

I never could figure out what she was doing. Still can't.


Orinda5 said...

Wow! I find it so interesting all the varied ways that knitters use to make the same little loops of yarn.

alison said...

Cool! The video really helps you get a sense of how holding everything that way makes it so much more efficient. Way neat!