Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breaking out the wool

Yes, time for the big guns. Yesterday afternoon I finally switched out the summer/winter clothes and today I am wearing my EZ fair isle cardi. And guess what? It still needs a clasp! The clasp has been sitting on my dresser for months! The sweater is a bit rumpled, and could have used a soak or at least a steaming, but it was just too chilly and rainy today.
As I was shuffling the clothes, I realized that there are many many things that I won't be able to wear for a while. I only have a few sweaters that will take me through the winter--and I guess I should put the pullovers to use earlier rather than later. I put away quite a few winter clothes that just will not fit me this winter, and that was depressing. I really need to get the Tilted Duster sewn together.
On non-knitting/clothing issues:
We had a lovely time at the Fair a few weeks ago. We only went once this year, but I did get to see the giant pumpkins and the sheep. The pictures are on the other computer though--will get some up soon.
We also did a bit of hiking in Purgatory Chasm--very cool. I'm still a bit achy from it actually, but in a good way.
We also enjoyed a day of Fire Safety with the Beverly Fire Dept. We watched a demonstration of how they use the jaw of life to rip open a car--impressive. And got to climb all over the fire trucks--always fun.

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