Sunday, August 3, 2008


After all those photos yesterday, I haven't got any photos today. So just a progress report.
1--Bought eggs, been eating them all weekend.
2--Found shoes in pile, but they are unbelievable uncomfortable (how did I ever wear these things) so I may be running out to the store in a bit.
3--As you saw, the steek has been cut. By some miracle the whole sweater did not unravel into pieces and I am now working on the collar/bands. The finishing on this sweater is taking considerably longer than others. This is surprising to me since it was knit in the round, has no real seams and only 10 stitches were bound off. But it does have a lot of hems to tack down, and that has been slow. I also grafted the underarms and hand stitched a reinforment for the steek.
4--I did some weeding--but really it is an endless task.

As some of you know, the Hedera socks are in time out. I made a silly error. To correct it means ripping back to above the heel flap. I don't want to do this, so I will make them wearable. They won't match the other sock exactly, but it is unlikely anyone but a knitter looking very very carefully would see the difference. In the meanwhile, I'm still too annoyed to look at them--so I've been focusing on the sweater.

I'd like the sweater to be done by the opening ceremony of the Olympics--so I can start some new projects.


beth said...

I bow to you! I still cannot even conceive of doing the deed! Your sweater looks fabulous! I can't wait to see it done!

Wendy said...

Some projects deserve a time out so they can find out who's the boss. As you know, my bad projects spend time in the naughty closet.