Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I got sidetracked a bit last weekend. I had planned on finishing my Monkey sock. Then the guilt set in. I had made a pair of baby socks for my nephew who was baptised in December. Now a niece (child of my other sister) was being baptised. I knew I would not be attending. I had tried to design a new little lacy sock for her a few weeks ago and it did not go well. So I focused on my Monkey socks. Then on Friday, the guilt set in. My parents tried very hard to treat their three girls equally--and this obsession had stuck with me. I made the child of one sister a lovely hand knit item for their baptism--I really should make one for the other. Mind you, I don't think either of the sisters had/has any expectation for such an item--it's just me. Fair is fair.

So starting on Friday night I cast on for a toe up baby sock in the lovely merino I had used for the other socks--there was 25 grams left after all. I had more if I needed it, but I stuck to using up those 25 grams. I made essentially the same sock--no time or brain power to think up and test out a new pattern--except the cable twist went the other way. By Sunday night the socks were washed and ready to be sent. They were off by priority mail first thing Monday morning. They went to my parents who will be travelling to attend--since I do not trust international mail to make it in time (my sister is travelling to the baptism location also--and I don't know when she will be leaving). So off they went, without even a note--but I did call my Mom to tell her they were on their way--smelling of lavender eucalan.

As far as the Monkey socks--I'm nearly done. I'm working on the toe decreases and I expect to have them done tonight. I could wear them tomorrow!

Then the question is what to make next. Well, I think my friend M has convinced me to conquer my fears. I have a plan to order some yarn--quite a bit of yarn in fact. I'll let you know how it goes.

PS--My son knows very little about football--but he knew that this past Sunday was a special football day. He thought we should play. Here I am with my helmet! We didn't even watch the game, but we did have fun playing. He took this picture.


Margaret said...

Cute socks and I "love" your helmet! Aren't kids fun, you can do silly things that would be waaay beyond silly if they weren't involved! ;)

lisa said...

Stylin' helmet! Think you could market them?