Friday, February 15, 2008

Getting ready

So I got a bunch done on the pinwheel--but when my yarn came in the pinwheel got put aside. I've spent the past two nights working on getting my yarn off the cones, washed and balled up.

Here is where I'm at with the pinwheel--cute right? I went with a regular icord edging, so little fingers would not get stuck in the loops.

And here is what I've done the past two nights. I've got about 50 grams of each color--with the oatmeal as the main color.

Harrisville Shetland, in hemlock, seagreen, gold, oatmeal and poppy.
Crazy colors, you say? This will be an EZ Fair Isle Yoke (steeked) cardigan. We'll see how my color choices work out. I've not done color before, and in all the comments I've read about this sweater, the knitters say they wish they'd gotten a bit more contrasty with the colors. Well this was as contrasty as I could get, with the idea that this might actually work. If not, I'll be making a LOT of mittens.

I had thought to do the EZ recommended hat gauge swatch. I have since had this crazy idea of doing a gauge swatch ipod nano cozy. We'll see how it goes. In any case I will do a bit of playing around. I plan to start this sweater with a sleeve (that is pretty wild for me). I think I'd like some color work at the wrists. Should be fun. I need to earn my fearless knitter button!!

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