Monday, July 4, 2011

Surprise Birthday Shawlette

Two of my good friends turned 40 in June, within days of each other. In late May I received an invitation to a surprise party for one of them. Though her husband let us know that no gifts were necessary, I thought it would be nice to make her something. So with three weeks to work with, I dug into my stash and started a shawlette.

I found Brown Sheep Wildfoote in blue blood red and decided on the Mezquita Shawl. I had never made it before, but it looked pretty and straightforward, so off I went. I was able to finish the shawlette in time, and I think the recipient really liked it. Not bad, considering how little time I have to knit these days.

I enjoyed making it enough that I started another one, for my other friend. Of course that one is late, but it is coming along and should get sent out pretty soon.

For the red shawl, my only mod was to make it wider. I did this by (eventually) knitting only 3 (rather than 4) stitches after the p2tog (or ssk), and before the turn.

In the current shawl the only additional mod is to slip the first stitch after the turn. The current shawl is also made from stash yarn--I'll get up some pics once it is done.

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