Monday, July 4, 2011

Escarole in Fish Packets

More cooking.

I love escarole--but there is only so much bean and escarole soup my family will eat, though I could eat it every week. We like to make fish packets, especially in the summer when we can grill them, and keep the fishy smell out of the house. I added some escarole to my packets last week and it was great.

I usually buy approx. 1.5 pounds (for two adults, one 7 year old and one 1 year old) of firm white fish (often haddock). This is usually 2 pieces of fish, that I get with no skin on. I often make it two ways. One packet is Asian inspired, the other Mediterranean inspired.

First I mix up my flavorings in little prep cups. For the Asian fish I use minced garlic, fresh ginger, soy, sesame oil, and canola oil. I would add sesame seeds, but the 7 yr old doesn't like them. For the Mediterranean fish I use minced garlic, parsley, oregano, olive oil, and the juice of one lemon or lime. I am often told by the 7 year old that this is too lemony for him--but he eats it, and I like it that way.

For each packet: I wash and chop the escarole. On the heavy duty foil I drizzle oil (olive or canola depending on the packet), and mound up the chopped escarole. On top of that goes the fish, then I pour the sauce over everything. Seal tight and bake for 15 min in a 500 degree oven, or on the grill. I serve it with rice.

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