Monday, May 11, 2009

Peek at completed Dashing

Just a quick peek at the Dashing. This was taken while they were still wet. In fact, they were still damp the next morning. I had to take the blow dryer to them.
In fact, here is a funny story.
Funny as in, yes my brain really is/was jello, not really funny, ha ha.

The night before my defense I was rerunning a few analyses. While I waited for them to run, I knit one thumb. After that I decided to do a dry run of my presentation--65 slides I did not want to fumble over. This really left no time for knitting. I got home at about 10pm and went to pull out the Dashing to finish that last thumb. Where do you think they were? Why, in the office I was working in!! After beating myself up for a few minutes, I decided I really needed to drive back and get them. After all, I was giving them, and the other knit items as gifts the next day, and it really would not do to give a rain check. So off I went, 25 miles there, found them on the floor of the office (could I have dropped them?) and 25 miles back. Made it home by 11pm, where I knit the thumb and washed them. Just the kind of stress I didn't need.

But the defense went well, and we celebrated with some champagne at 11:30am. I took the afternoon off and wandered the Isabella Steward Gardener museum, and went out to dinner at Dali. A good day!!


Alexandra said...

They look very pretty! Congratulations on getting everything done!

Orinda5 said...

I bet everyone loved their knitted gifts as well. ;)