Friday, June 13, 2008

Minor setback and gardening disappointment

I had a long meeting scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. We were all in different locations and on the phone--so I could knit!! I had the Bellatrix sock with me, having just finished the ribbing. I had all the correct needles with me. Everything was a go. I get on the phone and start knitting the pattern.

Row 1 Knit. Row 2 Knit. Row 3 is a pattern row--and I just didn't end up where I should. Hmmm. Tink back, count stitches. I was one stitch short. I look and I look and finally I find the dropped stitch. I make sure my phone is on mute, and I dig around for my crochet hooks. I get ready to fix the dropped stitch when I realize, I dropped the stitch way back in the 4th or 5th row of the ribbing, and having dropped this stitch made me screw up the ribbing pattern. Sigh.

Rather than ripping back to the 4th or 5th row and trying to pick up the (twisted) stitches, I just frogged the whole thing. While on the phone, I was able to cast back on and get a row or two in before the meeting was over.

I'm now past where I needed to rip back, but I just hate losing all that knitting time, especially since I just haven't been particularly motivated to knit recently. Over 1000 stitches gone---Phfftt, just like that.

On garden news. . . I'm glad I took some pictures of that poppy, because it is gone. I came home yesterday to find the petals scattered in the leaves. One of the garden critters must have done it. Another sigh. Maybe next year I will get more than one flower.

On better news--I saw one of the baby bunnies in the yard today! I've seen the adults for weeks now, but this was my first baby sighting. I wonder if this little chap had been feasting on my strawberries? The strawberries were not even close to being ripe, and yet they seem to be gone (yet another sigh).

The strawberry festival is tomorrow--I may get some strawberries yet!

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Orinda5 said...

Ooh - that's sad poppy news!
But I guess one of the things that adds to a flower's beauty is that its life can be so fleeting.

Our recent hail storm devastated my plants - thankfully they will all survive, they just don't look very pretty right now.

Glad to hear your sock is back on track. :)