Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spin, spin, spin

Very little knitting action, but I have been spinning. It is the sort of thing that is easier to pick up and put down at the moment. No need to count where I am or figure out what I've done. I can just pick it up and go, and put it down whenever I need to--no need to get to the end of the row.

So, I mentioned another spindle in the last post. Here it is.

This is a trindle!
In April trindleman was offerring a special--where I received an extra set of arms. Yes, the arms are removable from the shaft. You can change them up, and they come in different weights. The pair I ordered were a midweight (below), and I requested a lightweight (above) for the extra set. The shaft is nice and long and it spins very nicely.

Trindleman is offerring another special in May--who knows I may end up with some more trindle gear in my collection.

I actually even finished some yarn. Here is the Frabjous Fibers that I have been working on for ages! About 175 yards worth--please don't laugh at all the miniskeins, I'm getting better at all this, but slowly.

I have also finished spinning 4oz or so of BFL that I hand dyed with Kool Aid. While the fibers looked nice as fiber, the spinning of it muddled up the colors. Live and learn. If I do any more dyeing I will stick with a more tonal palette. I haven't set the twist on that yet. I'll get some picture up once I do that.
Also for a future post--NH Sheep and Wool 2011!

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