Saturday, April 30, 2011

Down the slippery spinning slope

I've had a couple of student grade spindles for a while and every so often I spin with them, but didn't get really excited about it. More recently I have been reading more of the spinning and spindling forums on ravelry and I got the bug to get another spindle. After a bit of searching around I ordered a Golding.

She is a beauty and a pleasure to use. Quite different then the clunky spindles I had (which are perfectly fine and weigh about 1.5 oz). The one I got is a 0.75oz carved in the tsunami design. She spins and spins.

Here I am giving her a test drive en plein air on the day she arrived.

For school vacation week we took a few days in NorthWestern MA/SouthWestern VT (where we drove through a snow squall by the way!). This was spitting distance to the farm where the Goldings are born and I was in touch with them about stopping by, since they have a showroom and open their workroom to the public. But alas, the baby was just not holding it together, and it would have added too much driving time for him. He seems to have a 2 hour limit before he loses patience. Maybe lucky for my wallet that we could not go--I'm sure I would not have walked out empty handed.

And would you believe I ordered another spindle since then. But I'll save that for another post, when I've got some pictures.

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