Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photographer's Prop Hats

Well here are some projects that came and went so quick I haven't even posted them on Ravelry yet.

I have a friend who is a family/child photographer. Some time in the past we had talked about hats that she could use with babies during her shoots. I promised to make her some cute hats, as I had seen some posted on Ravelry. Her request was that the yarn was "pretty" and machine washable. Hmmmm, lots of pretty yarn, but not so much of it machine washable.

After a bit of looking around I found a yarn that I liked--Sidar's Big Softie--purchased at my localest LYS, less than a mile from my house. I actually purchased this yarn for another, yet to be blogged, project--but that was a gift for someone, who I believe is a reader, so I will wait until she receives it before I show it off.

One of these little hats was clearly inspired by the hat I saw on Ravelry. One of them, I must have subconsciously remembered--I thought I had a unique inspiration to make it, but when I checked the patterns of the original prop hat there was one similar. One of them is a basic hat, all my own, but undoubtable made by generations of other knitters.

Here they are:

Playful Pompom

Pretty Petals

Plain Vanilla

I will write up and post the pattern for plain vanilla--though you can probably take a look at it an figure it out. Meanwhile, I will be checking my friend's site (Traci McCabe Photography) to see if she has had a chance to use the hats. If you live anywhere near Westford, MA, and are interested in having portraits taken, especially of children, take a look at her site. I think she does lovely stuff.

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