Monday, April 20, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

I heard it was nice outside.
I spent it staring at my computer, just like last weekend and the weekend before. On the plus side, I just sent off a (final?) draft of my thesis to my committee. There is still much to be done--like the appendices, and the dreaded formatting, oh yea, and the presentation, but I'm hoping the bulk of the brain bending work is done.
Oh, and I did manage to waste 3+ hours driving into Boston to pick up my graduation gear--must be properly attired. Nothing like a squishy velvet cap. The driving and parking around Kenmore square is hellish as ever.
On the plus side, since I really haven't been able to sleep with all these thoughts I've been sorting in my brain, I've gotten a fair amount of knitting done. I finished all but the thumb on the first Dashing, while waiting for analyses to run yesterday. Since I couldn't sleep at night, and woke up way too early, I managed to knit 30 rows on the Seascape shawl yesterday, which should make up for the fact that I haven't touched it today. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this pattern :)
And it is Patriot's Day tomorrow. We used to have it as a holiday, but as of this year, it has become a floater. We can take it if we want, or save the day as a personal holiday to use at another time. Since I've got child care coverage for the day (since it is J's day off) I'll be working. I need to focus on my current report anyway. And then . . . the appendices sigh

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