Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm still here!

Though I have been neglecting the blog and my knitting buddies (hey, Monday night gals, I miss you), I have not been neglecting my knitting.
Though the vast majority of my "free" time is spent working on finishing up my dissertation (defense coming up fast), I have been working on my Seascape and Dashing projects--mostly because I plan to give them as gifts on the day of my defense. This is an excellent excuse to get in some knitting time, which I really need to relax my brain.
No pictures at the moment (just look at the last post and imagine the projects a bit longer), but I promise to take some before I give everything away. I'm looking forward to test driving my new Knit Picks blocking wires on the Seascape!
And I have all sorts of plans for what to start once I am done with all this madness!

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