Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time to defend

Today I scheduled the date and time for my doctoral thesis defense. It is in less than 3 months and afterwards I expect to have a lot more time to knit.

In the meanwhile, I'd like to knit thank you gifts for my committee members. I've got some ideas (lace shawl for my advisor, fetching and dashing for the others), but I haven't started any of it yet.

Instead I have 4 WIPs--that is actually a lot for me. I usually try to keep it to 3 or less. One is a gift for my niece's 2nd birthday and so really needs to get finished (it will be late anyway, but I'd like to get it in the mail this week). Another is a nearly completed monkey sock--I will need to work on the other sock--it is dangerous to leave only one sock completed. The moderne blanket can wait--it was meant to be a long term project. My cirlces yoke sweater is one I would like to finish. I just joined the body and the arms last night. Maybe tonight I will do the short rows and then temporarily put it aside. I would like to wear it this season.

I leave you with a view of that nearly completed sock. This is yarn that was Kool Aid dyed for me last summer by my swap partner in Sweden.

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