Monday, February 16, 2009

Malabrigo and Kool Aid

I bought a bit of Malabrigo the other day. Butterfly Yarns got some in and I managed to get over there before the worsted weight even hit the shelves.

I found a nice manly color for that pair of Dashing that I am planning (Black Forest) and I picked up some sock yarn too (Archangel).

Meanwhile, I had been thinking about dyeing some yarn for a color swap I am in. My partner has stated that she likes fall colors as well as pink and blue. Well to me that says sunset. So I dyed up some yarn for her. When all was said and done I took a look at it and realized, hmm, I guess I like those colors too.

On the left in my Kool Aid yarn, on the right the Malabrigo. The color are a little richer in real life (as my son would say).

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