Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waiting for my book

Today I did a presentation at work. It was for the group in our London office, so to fit into all the other meetings we have in the mornings (to accommodate the time difference), I offered to do it relatively early this morning. To make my life easier I chose to do it from home, so that I would not have to leave my house at 6am to make sure I did not get stuck in this wonderful September/back to school traffic. So I rolled out of bed, pulled on my sweatpants, sat at my desk and gave the presentation via WebEx.

Now my office has this lovely little program where you can thank others for whatever reason you want. You have three "Thank You awards" a year that you can give to anyone, for any reason. You don't need any sort of director approval, like you do for larger awards. My colleague in London sent me a Thank You award for going out of my way to give this presentation. I'm always tickled to get a Thank You award. It is a little thing, but it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. With this warm and fuzzy feeling, I spent a few minutes reading my favorite knitting blogs, thinking about what I would do with my award.

The award choices are: 2 movie passes, a bottle of red or white wine, a $15 iTunes give card or a $15 Amazon gift certificate. I usually go for the Amazon gift certificate. So, I was thinking about books and reading/commenting on the Mason Dixon blog and I realized, my book should be arriving, I received notice that it had shipped. I preordered this book months ago--I think with the last Thank You award I received. So off I go to check the order status.

It says the book has been delivered. I run to the door--no book. I run back to the computer, and looking more carefully, I realize I had the book shipped to my office!! Drat! I should have been at the office today--but I'm not, so my book is sitting there waiting for me. And not only that--Friday is my usual work from home day--so I won't be getting the book until Monday. So much for preordering. Sigh

Well, at least I can order up something new :)

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haddy said...

That's the worst! Good job on the presentation though.