Thursday, September 18, 2008

A knitter's confession

I threw out something that I knit.

There I said it. Phewww. It wasn't something I could continue to wear, and in fact it had gone unworn for about a year, but still, thinking about it has me in a tizzy. I spent my time on something, made it with my own hands, and then I just dropped it in the trash.

The item in question was a pair of felted (fulled?) clogs. The Bev Galeskas pattern, you know it. Everybody made these things, and is still making them. Well I made them with some bulky Lambs Pride, recycled from the first knitted item I ever made, a drop shoulder sweater that never fit right, was itchy, and ended up with a big mouse nibble right in the front, even though I had it sealed in a spacebag (see Wendy, I really did live with the mice--grrrrr). I don't think I ever even took a picture of that sweater, and the only picture I have of the clogs is this, not even felted yet:

I made the clogs in the spring of 2007, and wore them all through the summer of 2007 (I always wear slippers in the house). They were a bit slippy, and I thought, maybe I should get some of those nice leather soles?? Then I wore a small hole in the bottom of one, then the bottom of the other. I thought, hmm, maybe I will patch that up and hand felt it--but never did. The holes got bigger and bigger until really all I had was the top of the clog being held together by the edging. Silly really. So I stuffed them in a corner, and wore my LLBean clog slippers.

Now, you have to understand, I am tough on slippers. I have no idea why this is so (other than I wear them A LOT). I do not hike mountains in them--I just walk around the house. But if you saw my current pair you would know what I mean. Friends come over and say, "Well we know what to get you for Christmas/your birthday/replace your slippers day". Did I mention this is my 3rd pair of these ($50!!!!) LLBean slippers??

I wonder if maybe my felted clogs didn't hold up well was because they were knit with one strand of bulky yarn--not the two held together of worsted that is recommended in the pattern. Or maybe, I'm just a slipper killer. I don't know. I've got a lot of that Lamb's Pride left, I could try again, but there are so many more fun patterns in the queue.

So I just had to say, I threw away one of my hand crafted articles of time, money and knitted love--and I don't even feel bad about it. Is this the first step in recovery for a knitting packrat???

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