Saturday, September 20, 2008

Green socks begin

Last night L finally got to wear a pair of socks I made for him a long time ago. They are crazy colors, and I made them long, thinking they would fit the following year, but it is two years now, and he only just barely fits in them. I made them with sport weight yarn, not realizing it was sport weight. I usually knit socks on a size 1 needle. These were knit with a size 2--they probably should have been knit with a size 3. They are pretty bullet proof.

In any case, this morning he came down stairs and asked if I could make him another pair of socks. "Sure", I said. "But I want them to be greeeeen", he said. No problem. Off we go look at the yarn. Well, in my big pile of sock yarn, we did not have an appropriate (acceptable to an almost 5 yr old) green. I had some in a worsted weight, but other than for sleeping, I didn't think he would wear such thick socks.

So I suggested we dye some up. He was all for it. I still have plenty of natural fingering sock yarn. But I was also reorganizing my stash (had to move the cabinet it was in this past week) and as I was putting things back I found a yarn I had bought to make socks for him. It is Regia Silk. I have 50 grams, but it was a light brown/beige color. Hmmmm, maybe this would do. I asked him about it, and it was fine by him.

Now I know this is thick yarn, and I will knit it accordingly. I will probably split the hank, and knit toe up to make sure I use as much as I can. Some simple rib pattern--but I digress.

So we pull out the Kool Aid. Wouldn't you know--only one package of Lemon-Lime. Think, think think--but plenty of Lemonade and Berry Blue. He informs me that yellow and blue make green, "Max and Ruby made green with yellow and blue, well really it was Ruby".

So we used 3 packages of Lemonade, 1 Berry Blue and 1 Lemon-Lime. Here is what we started with:

And here is what we got.

It is still drying. There are some spots were I tied it off too tight, and a bit of the beige still shows through, but overall, I am pleased with the results. If necessary, we can always over-dye it with a bit more green, once I get some more in the house.

Not a bad morning project!

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