Monday, May 19, 2008

Sweater Procrastination

What do you do to avoid working on a sweater? Start a new sock of course! No picture of the progress just yet, but I have started working on the Bellatrix socks, using the Madeline Tosh yarn I picked up a few months back.

Here is the yarn. I think I've posted this before, but it is pretty enough to post again.

I think these will be pretty cool socks, but we'll see what happens once I start the pattern. I've just finished the cuff, so I'll see how the pattern starts to look tonight.

I just couldn't bring the sweater to knitting group tonight. I need to do some counting and joining of arms to body, and I'm sure to mess it up while chatting with everyone. Anyway, it feels weird not to have socks on the needles (and large needles they are, I'm using US 2 for these, and I always use US 1s, so they feel like they are going quickly already).

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