Friday, May 2, 2008

Some photos

If you'd like to see what superwashed hair looks like (when been yanked by an infant), have a look here.

My sisters and I have identical hair--so you can imagine what it looked like before she had it done--a bit on the wavy (but not curly) side.

On knitting news--here is the current state of my Fair Isle Cardigan. I have 3 more inches to go before I can attach the sleeves and begin the yoke. That is approximately 5600 stitches--sigh. Getting there though.

I have turned the heel of my second Noro Jaywalker--now to get the gusset going. Sorry no picture for that one.

Also, I've changed my letterboxing trail name to more closely reflect who I am--neknitter (New England knitter, any knitter, or nekkid knitter as one commenter suggested)--and I have carved a new signature stamp. With apologies to whomever I swiped this image from. I found it a while back and saved it because I liked it. This knitter seems to be a bit more fashionable than I am--but I think in general the stamp gets the point across--slightly wavy hair and all.

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