Saturday, May 10, 2008

NH Sheep and Wool

We spent the afternoon at the NH Sheep and Wool Festival and had a very nice time. I was hoping to meet up with some friends, or maybe bump into Grumperina. We got there too late for my early rising friends, and probably for Grumperina too. It wasn't too crowded, which was nice for us. It also was not super huge, so it was not overwhelming. I'd like to make the trip up again next year.

We had fun watching the dogs herd sheep.

We saw cute sheep and goats.

Here is a close up of those two--aren't they the cutest.

We saw that NH still has big piles of snow, if you look in the right place.

And I brought home some loot.
Some girlie pink lace weight from A Touch of Twist, Zephyr in Lady Slipper, merino and silk.
Some more lace weight from Ellen's Half Pint Farm, baby alpaca and silk, in a lovely coral color.
And some sock yarn from Ellen, a nice pinky-mauvey-green, 50% wool/50% Tencel.
All soft and luscious. I don't know why I insist on buying lace weight. It is so lovely, but I haven't made anything with it yet. I've got to get on that.

I also made a stop to try and find the RV NH letterbox--which was conveniently located right along the way I needed to go to the festival. I'm pretty sure I was in the right location, but I did not have time to make a thorough search. Either someone got there before me, or I just didn't look hard enough (or I blew and I just didn't understand the clues). I would have liked to have brought it to the festival. It is unlikely I will be in NH again soon--so I guess I'll have to try and find it once it is made permanent.


lisa said...

I had my hands on that sock yarn too but I just had to stop somewhere. I'm jealous as I really loved that color. Next year we will have to plan better so we actually meet up!

Rebecca said...

OOOOooohhhh! Nice haul!!!

Rebecca said...

Nice haul!