Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One sock down

Not much time for knitting or writing recently. I've been busy with work (got a promotion--yippee) and my thesis (had a progress presentation yesterday--went well, they haven't kicked me out yet). But I did manage to finish one Jaywalker. Lookee here.

It's not the best picture--it really is hard to take a photo of your own foot--but you get the idea. I also managed to cast on (~235 stitches) for the body of my sweater. Doesn't look like much--but it's a start.

We had our first family outing letterboxing this weekend. Nice weather. Cool, but not too cold. We found two boxes, and had a lot of fun looking for treasure. I wore one of my swap hats--it kept me nice and toasty warm--the earflaps are key!

After my talk yesterday, I was too jazzed up to knit when I got home so I started working on some carvings. I won't spoil them, in case anyone will actually find them in the future, but they are based on the children's book The Philharmonic Gets Dressed. It is in our bed time story rotation, and I just love it. I hope to get the boxes planted (15 of them!) this summer--they will be my first plants. Then I hope to do a letterboxing/knitting combo--but that will have to wait until I have more brain time--currently the brain power is being used for other things, and so the knitting and letterboxing needs to be a bit mindless/relaxing.

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