Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Little Prince

Okay--just a bit more nonknitting content. On to letterboxing and stamp carving.

Although it is true, I have begun work on carving a set of stamps based on the Philharmonic Gets Dressed, I think they may not end up being my first plants afterall. I've decided to do another series, based on The Little Prince (the best book EVER--and if you read the English translation you must make it the classic, by Katherine Woods). This series will be planted in places important in my life. As I will be in my home town in the coming weeks, I'm taking this as an opportunity to plant a box. I don't get there often, and I don't want to miss the opportunity. As letterboxing does not seem to be super popular in that area (no boxes planted with 10+ miles) I don't expect it will be found any time soon. But it will be there waiting.

I will also get one planted closer to home (with a bonus hitchhiker, ready for travelling). This series will be a bit easier to get out, since it will be spread out, in time and space. The important locations in my life are a bit scattered. I don't get around to them often, and so, these boxes will be distributed as I get to them.

Okay--for real now--back to our regularly scheduled knitting (after the dishes get done).

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