Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Circle Yoke Progress

I've knit two arms and a body up to the arms.

Here is what the arms look like:

And what the body looks like, at the moment.

Then I stalled, because the next step takes a small amount of brain power. Really, not much, but enough. And I just wasn't in the mood. On Saturday I was running out to the library. I didn't want to take the sweater--too much brain power. I had no socks on the needles (weird, I know) and I have nothing else planned and ready to go.

So, I grabbed a skein of Encore took a peek at the Mason Dixon book, grabbed the needles and headed out. What I failed to notice was that the Moderne Blanket calls for DK weight yarn, and Encore is worsted. So my blanket will be unique. I've gone through one skein already, and I'm halfway through a second. I bought a total of 12 skeins for this blanket.

So brainless I was able to cook dinner, read a book and knit this blanket at the same time on Saturday night.


Lola and Ava said...

Ahhh, see our sweaters are in the opposite places. You are missing the yoke, I am missing the sleeves . . . how's about we both cast on the last bit and have *gasp* sweaters? I'm hoping to get mine done over the weekend.

My daughter knit her friend a Moderne blanket out of worsted and it was lovely. Granted, she got bored and didn't go all the way, but her friend loved it.

Orinda5 said...

I just cast on a pair of plain socks yesterday for that reason - needing something brainless.

Looking forward to seeing more of your sweater! ;)