Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What might a collector of fiber fear?

What does strike fear in the hearts of fiber lovers everywhere? How about this:

Yes, some crazy thing has been happening recently. It has been warmish, but really not that warm. Thousands of seemingly identical moths have been hovering around the outdoor lights and the windows. They seem to love the fluorescent kitchen light, as seen above.

I stupidly left the light outside the door on the other day, and when the boys came home a bunch of fluttery friends came in with them. Well, I've been vacuuming them up since. Let's hope I've gotten them all. I shudder to think of what they might like to cuddle up with in my stash!


Mary said...

I've got them at my house, too. I think they're different from the type of moths that feast on our stashes. WBZ did a story about them last night.

Orinda5 said...

Ooh! That's scary! I hope Mary is right about the type of moths.
There are no bugs around my house anymore... it has gotten cold. Good weather for woolies though.