Monday, December 29, 2008

Everlasting Bagstoppers

After months of looking at these unfinished little bags, I finally got the sharp needle out. They just needed handles. I had bought the ribbon--just had to get down to the sewing.
Well, on Saturday I did not let myself knit until the handles were sewn on. Yes, I still have a sore spot on the knuckle of my thumb where I kept jabbing myself with the needle, but the bags are fully functional now, and actually in the mail heading towards my sisters, who I hope will find good uses for them.
Even with the delay to sew, I managed to complete the second sleeve of the circles yoke sweater this weekend. I cast on for the body and I'm getting ready to turn the hem. Hopefully, I will have a new sweater soon.
My Christmas cactus bloomed on time this year :)

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