Thursday, January 10, 2008

Confessions of a Fearless Knitter

I was so excited about buttons (I've wanted a button) that I slapped on the Knitting Daily Fearless Knitter button.

But I have a confession to make--I do have a fear. It is a fear of colorwork. Sure I can do stripes--if you can knit and you can tolerate weaving in all those ends, stripes are nothing. I mean the real stuff--intarsia, fairisle etc. So as part of my goals for this year I will confront my fear of colorwork. I will find a project I find interesting and work through this fear of color. I want to learn about the floats, and the holding of two colors, and the twisting of the strands.

Then I can wear my button with pride.

edited--Did I somehow fail to mention my fear (terror!) of steeks???? Hmm, something else to add to the list.

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Margaret said...

The things you are leary of trying actually go perfectly together! Lots of simple fair isle cardigan patterns are written to include steeks! You can get both out of the way in one go!

Perhaps we should find a pattern that includes both to suggest as the next knit-a-long? that way there'd be a bunch of us doing it right along with you?