Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My Mora

I ended the year and started the new year knitting a sweater for myself. I learned a bit about the pattern and yarn by knitting my sister's Mora. Now I'm putting it to good use. 

One thing I knew I wanted to change was the color scheme.  My sister brought enough yarn from Iceland to make two sweaters, alternating the color scheme.  I knew that I would make the gray sweater for her.  She wears mostly blacks and grays.  I loved the blue-green yarn, but I found that in tone it was very similar to the gray.  It made for a very subtle sweater.  This was perfect for my gray loving sister.  I wanted more pop.  

I wanted something that contrasted nicely with the beautiful blue-green.  I was hoping for an orange or an orangey-red.  Many of my local yarn shops have closed over the past few years, and I wasn't sure where I could get Lopi without ordering it.  I knew I could always order from Webs, but I wanted to see the contrast in person, and I didn't want to drive to Northampton.  And I wanted the yarn soon.  As snow days were approaching (earlier in the month) I envisioned getting stuck in the house with no yarn to continue my sweater (ack!).  

So I stopped by Another Yarn on the way home from work one afternoon.  I had never been there before.  It was a nice bright store with a lot of space (though parking was not great).  They did not have a lot of Lopi, and I almost bought the wrong kind, but they did have some that I thought would work nicely.  It was not the orange/red I was looking for but I think the cream gives a nice contrast and will look great.  

The colorwork has been moving along quickly.  Very soon I will be starting on sleeves!

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