Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Four years of Ravelry!

Just a quickie post here to say


But you all knew that right?

Today is my four year anniversary of getting my Ravelry account.

What's new that I love about Ravelry? Well, I can now post a picture to a project page, or to a forum post directly from my iPod Touch or iPhone. Totally cool. With the iPhone I can take the picture and post it within seconds! This is a new service that Ravelry is offering. You've got to download a free app to make work, and you get a 2 week trial for free. Ravelry is asking $5 per year for this service, which I found to be very reasonable considering much of my current on line time is spent on the ipod or iPhone. When I went to pay for the service I found a gift coupon! Because I have donated to Ravelry in the past they waved the $5 fee!!

Happy Anniversary to me :)

ps had some technical difficulities--so this posted a bit late.

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