Saturday, March 28, 2009


My son and I went out to Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA to check out Woolapalooza. It was a great event for kids--but I was hoping for a bit more vendors selling their fiber/yarn.
We got to practice our hand carding skills. We saw a bunch of spinners with a variety of spinning wheels and drop spindles. We saw some yarn dyed with plant material that was very lovely, and we also got to play with a loom. We missed all the sheep shearing. The baby lambs were very cute.

It was a lovely warm and sunny day--but by the time we got home the temperature had dropped and it was overcast.
knit 009
My crocuses are starting to open up though.
knit 006

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lisa said...

Took my "boy" too. Looked for you but didn't see you. I was hoping for more vendors too although I'm sure that hubby was glad that there weren't!